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Crimes of Dating

Let’s say you really like someone. You think she’s really cute or you’ve told your closest friends how much you like him. If you want it to work out, check yourself! Don’t do any of these gross, weird, creepy or annoyin...
by Naomi Rouff


New Relationship Energy

New Relationship Energy (NRE) more commonly known as the honeymoon phase marks the time at the beginning of a relationship when two people are infatuated with one another. During this time all of your thoughts revolve around th...
by Naomi Rouff


Tinder 2.0

Tinder is at it again and it’s better than ever. You hesitated the first time around because you weren’t ready or maybe you just broke up with your latest crush, whatever the reason may be, you just found yourself on T...
by Naomi Rouff



Prince Charming

So you met a guy. He’s not your usual “type.” You tend to go for the tall, dark, handsome, eyes so blue you forget your own name type of man, right? Well if not, you’re one of few. And if so, it’s time to look around....
by Naomi Rouff



Ever found your heart racing so fast you think it might beat right out of your chest? And no, I don’t mean when you’re sprinting at your 6am cycling class. I mean that head spinning, intoxicating time when you’re about to...
by Naomi Rouff