Thanks for your interest in Nouveau Dating!

Steps to Apply:

1. If you have not already done so, send your resume to your editor.

2. Fill out the questionnaire below and submit a sample article.

3. If you are chosen you will be contacted to set up an interview.

Experience You’re Looking to Gain with Nouveau Dating

  1. What experience are you looking to get? Skills you want to add to your resume.
  2. Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years? What is your dream job?
  3. Do you want to work for a corporation as a writer or do you want to build a freelance writing career? WordPress and AWeber (newsletter software) expertise?
  4. Are you looking to add any marketing skills to your writing career? And an increased online presence? (social media, SEO, press releases, newsletters, writing copy, etc.)
  5. Following completion of three months, are you looking for recommendations on LinkedIn, freelance writing websites, written recommendation letter, or reference to add to your resume?
  6. Would you like to write ebook with Anna Karimo, as co-authors? If yes, what topic are you most passionate about? There is nothing that Anna cannot do
  7. Nouveau Dating will give you the best experience on blogging, newsletters, press releases, etc.

What Experience You Can Bring to Nouveau Dating

  1. When are you available to start?
  2. Do you have blogging experience? WordPress?
  3. What is your horoscope?
  4. Come up with 3 possible topics on love, dating, relationships or sex. (look at our website ie. Headings and previous blog posts for topic inspiration
  5. Submit a sample article (300-450 words) on: love, dating, relationships, sex, first date, dating, breakups, problems in dating, getting your ex back, or any other related topic (see site for more ideas)
  6. Send in a short bio (we will help you to make adjustments to it) and a good professional photo (see Your bio, picture and article will be posted during training.
  7. Not to worry if you don’t have great experience writing, all you need is passion, work ethic and drive to learn. Come to us and we will teach you.

If your articles bring traffic to our site and you utilize our format and ideals, you can be an author on our blog as long as you like. You will have access to our blog as an author and you can post any article anytime without our supervision. You will be an ongoing author for Nouveau Dating, providing you with an up to date reference and writing portfolio available on a nationally recognized website.

Additional Opportunities:

  1. Receive Certificate of Excellence: Our top author reward. If you go above and beyond in posting articles and/or submit great ideas for growing blogs & site traffic, there is potential to receive this award. This will be mentioned in your bio, resume, written and LinkedIn recommendations.
  2. Executive Editor Position: If you have interest and interpersonal skills, inquire about the executive editor positions. This is a great opportunity to gain managerial skills to add to your resume!