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January 30, 2014

2014 State of Dating in America Report


For the second year in a row, and have released The State of Dating in America Report, a dating study unearthing interesting facts and statistics about dating in the good old U.S. of A.

2,647 people aged 18-59 took the online survey and the respondents were a mix of singles who were currently dating, singles who were planning to date and people who were in a relationship for less than two years. Questions asked in the survey ran the dating gamut and discussed everything from dating etiquette to infidelity and social and familial influence on relationships. Here are some of the key takeaways from the study:

Sometimes We’re Confused About Whether We’re On a Date or Not

This has probably happened to you, or to a friend or relative. You’re out with someone, but you’re unsure if it’s a date. According to the study, 58% of women and 59% of men sometimes question the status of a night out with someone. So what makes a date a date? An overwhelming response (79% of women and 82% of men) believed a date to be a planned one-on-one hangout with someone. Sounds about right, right? The other two options were “a planned evening with a group of friends” and “if they ask me out, it’s a date.” Take a second to think about what constitutes a date in your mind and see if it matches the results.

There Are Some Real Dating Dealbreakers

What’s the number one reason to lose interest in someone? If you guessed bad hygiene, you’d be correct. When asked about the biggest dating deal breaker, 35% of men and 34% of women agreed that bad hygiene is a definite no-go for them. For men, hygiene is followed by smoking and weight issues and for women it’s unemployment and smoking/drinking habits.

Respondents were also prompted about scenarios in which they would break up with someone. Remember that New Found Glory song “My Friends Over You?” Well, that premise was the number one response for this question. If a new partner doesn’t get along with friends, that partner quickly becomes an ex. So guys and girls, make a real effort to get to know your new partner’s friends or you might not be in the picture very long.

There’s a Lot that Can Define Cheating

Respondents were asked to define the concept of cheating in their mind. Turns out women have stronger beliefs about what constitutes cheating. Not surprising though right? The top three responses for this question (90-92% of women and 75-87% of men) were having sex with another person repeatedly, having sex with another person once and passionately kissing another person. Women still felt fairly strongly (about 60%) about some of the other options which included flirtatious texting and having an emotional relationship with someone else.

Men Should Pay for the First Date

That stigma might seem dated to some of you, but it turns out that 69% of men and 55% of women believe that the man should pay for the first date. Some of you ladies may be super independent and hate when a man pays for you, but don’t go crazy if he offers. If the date goes well, offer to pay for one of the following dates. For the guys out there, there are a lot of ladies who appreciate a man who pays for the first date. If they offer to pay on a subsequent date, gracefully let it happen. She wants to contribute to the fun just as much as you do.

First Date Tips

The study even went so far as to ask about what kinds of food to avoid on first dates and how many drinks to have. Respondents said that 1-2 drinks are fine, but that you should avoid garlic bread and wings. Also, it’s not attractive if you’re a messy eater, but we all should know that already. Oh, and if your date has food in their teeth, be honest and let them know. If the roles were reversed, you’d want to know, right?

Of course, these findings won’t be applicable to everyone, but it’s still fun to see dating trends from people across the country. Check out the full study if you’d like to learn even more about dating in America.

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Elisa Freese
Elisa Freese is a lifelong New Yorker with a Bachelor’s degree from SUNY New Paltz and a Master’s degree from New York University. She has always had a love for writing and now that school and homework are finally done forever, Elisa is going back to writing on a regular basis. In addition to writing, Elisa loves anything that has to do with traveling, shopping, social media and TV/movies. With her experiences, as well as the experiences of her friends and family, Elisa hopes to shed some light on the ins and outs of dating to the readers of Nouveau Dating.

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