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October 14, 2013

Four Perfect Ways to Have a Magical, (Mostly) Affordable Anniversary


Guest Post by Chaleigh Glass

Your anniversary only comes along once every year, and both you and your spouse deserve to celebrate the occasion in style. When money is tight, you can’t always afford an elaborate party or a luxurious retreat in a tropical resort. Here’s how you can still have a fabulous, affordable anniversary together.

Luxurious Gifts Without a Very Luxurious Price Tag

  • Shaving Products: Many people have never tossed their disposable razor aside to enjoy the benefits of more sophisticated shaving products, and a gift like this imparts the extravagant tone you want without an extravagant price tag. Companies like the Art of Shaving offer deluxe shaving creams, brushes and razors. Click here to browse for gifts.
  • Tablets: Tablets come in a wide range of prices, making them an affordable and fun anniversary gift. Tablets let you play games, watch movies and television shows, read books and do dozens of other activities with your sweetie. Download a few games and engage in a little friendly (or sexy) competition, read classic or silly love poems aloud to each other, or just spend your anniversary curled up watching your favorite movie together.

Charm Bracelets
Listen up, gentlemen: A charm bracelet is a thoughtful gift for your girl when money is tight. Give her a new charm for her bracelet every year, and as you have more money, you can spend a little more on those charms. Look for charms that are symbolic to both of you, likes ones that represent places you’ve visited or experiences you’ve enjoyed together.

Spa Day
Spending your anniversary at the spa is another affordable way to celebrate your special day. Look for online coupons and discounts for spas in your area, and find day spas that offer special packages for couples. Some of the packages come with strawberries and champagne, as well as treatments specially designed for couples.

Hotel Getaway
It’s easier to celebrate your anniversary when you head off on a romantic vacation together. Even if you can’t afford to fly to a new destination together, you can check into a hotel in your area or a neighboring town. You can even enjoy a weekend at a local bed and breakfast. Find a sitter for the kids and enjoy spending some time together away from home.

Make each anniversary a little more memorable than the last with the right gifts and ideas. While you might only have a small amount to spend in your first few years together, you’ll both be glad that you made the effort.

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