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November 26, 2012

After the Date


When it comes to the first date there seems to be a lot of rules. Where you should take her, what you should wear, who should pay, the list goes on and on. But once you make it through the amazing and sometimes dreaded first date, what comes next? I have 3 simple tips on how to act after the first date to make sure you land the second.

1. Send a Text

In the modern world, we’ve added text to our many means of communication. A short text later that night or the next morning telling her you had a great time, and possibly mentioning that you look forward to seeing her again can be very flattering. This way you avoid playing games and really show her that you are interested. This can also be a great way to set up a second date or tell her you’ll be in touch soon.

2. When to Call

From there you have to answer the big question. When is too soon? The best approach is to follow through on your promise. Let’s say you said you would be in touch later in the week, Wednesday would be a great time to set something up for the weekend. After the next date is set, give her some space. That old saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder,” at its best. Give her time to miss you and see how much she really likes you. At the same time showing her you have a social life and value your independence.

3. Date Ideas

When you do make the call, present her with an idea. Do not call and ask her what she would like to do. A few other date ideas to stay away from involve the movies and dinner at your house. While you get to know each other go to places where you can talk and feel comfortable. A great way to ask her on another date could be by giving her options, one social and one more intimate. This way you show her that you value her opinion and that you like her enough to put thought and effort into going out with her.

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