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November 19, 2013

Creative Gifts for When a Thank You Just Won’t Cut It


Guest Post by Jayla Barnsen

Saying thank you isn’t always as simple as just getting the words out. Sometimes, thanking someone for something special might necessitate a little bit of extra appreciation on your part. These are a few creative gifts that you can choose from when a thank-you won’t suffice.

Custom Photo Album
Create a custom photo album to send a thank-you to a close friend or loved one. You can create a custom photo album on your own with scrapbook paper, stickers and an empty album, or you can order one from a photo developer or a variety of printing services.

Fruit Baskets
Fruit basket are ideal presents to convey a more emphatic thank-you. You can choose from tons of fruits and other goodies to create your own custom-made basket, or you can select a pre-made package, depending on your budget. Whether you want to add bananas, strawberries, kiwi or even melons, there are plenty of delicious options that your recipient can enjoy bite after bite. Fruit basket gifts are idea for family, co-workers or friends.

Personalized Coffee Mug
A mug with a personalized message or image on it will remind the recipient of you appreciate evey time they take a sip. You can design and commission your own online or visit a craft store and grab some paints and stickers to decorate one yourself.

Photo Calendar
A photo calendar is not only creative and entertaining, but it’s also useful. Submit your own pictures to a service that will create one for you, or get down-and-dirty and create one with your own craft supplies.

Sending a special gift to someone who has done something kind for you recently is a way to give back while showing that you truly appreciate their thoughtfulness. Take a bit of time to send a special present and soon you’ll get to enjoy the fulfillment of a strengthened bond between the two of you.

Jayla Barnsen is a freelance blogger from Eugene, Oregon. She loves writing about health and fitness issues, and spends her spare time hiking in Oregon’s many State Parks with her two dogs.

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