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April 23, 2013

Dating Profile Tips for Guys

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Written by: Hannah Warner
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Recently, I’ve ventured back into the land of online dating. And good god. It’s one thing to be in a bar with a few good looking guys, but entering the dating side of the internet is like being dropped into the largest sausage party in existence. There’s so many people out there. You guys, THERE’S SO MANY PEOPLE OUT THERE. After warding off extreme giddiness plus extreme panic, I realized a few key ways to weed out the weirdos, which brings me to the point of all this… If you are a guy, and you are putting yourself out-there in the realm of online dating, there are a few key things you should be wary of when writing your profile.
Hey, you – bigger isn’t better. Every “about me” section that extends longer than two paragraphs is extending too far. Reel it in boys. Your profile should be like a sales pitch. Brief but specific. Pick a few good qualities about yourself and then throw in a major future goal.
Have Opinions
Oh you like all types of music and movies? No you do not. Some people may think this kind of statement in their dating profile makes them look “chill”, like you are a “laid back bro”. You may be, but being opinion-less isn’t going to reflect that. Over generalizing in a dating profile is such a bad idea because the ladies aren’t going to know what to message you about. Be specific – it will help to draw in some bb’s with similar tastes, or it could fuel a debate. Maybe you disagree about whether or not Star Wars is the best movie ever, that could make for a flirtatious and heated messaging session.
Guys, if you’re bald, please, just be bald. Women will notice if all of your profile pictures are of you in a hat. It also shows that you are insecure. Online dating will eventually lead to in-person dating so if you are bald, own it. Bruce Willis is bald as all hell, but he is such a raspy-voiced, sexy old man.
This rule can also be applied to really any physical insecurities. Cropping out your belly or lifting you chin super high to have a more defined jaw line are noticeable tricks. A better approach to making yourself look sooo handsome is by picking a photo of you out doing something you love. Would you say you’re sporty? If so, choose that one of you making the game goal. Do you play an instrument? Images of guys making music will always make babes go crazy.

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Hannah Warner
Hannah Warner is the Content Developer for Love is Everywhere. Hannah is currently working with Anna on 'Love is Everywhere' her most recent book and giving as much advice on love, dating and more to Nouveau Dating readers.

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