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November 7, 2013

Don’t Wait for the Holidays to Surprise Him! 5 Creative Gifts to Give Your Man


Guest Post by Meghan Belnap

Shopping for a man can be hard. There are so many options available and you want to make sure you get him a gift that he’ll appreciate and love as much as he loves you. Aside from the typical holiday gifts, you rack up major points if you surprise him with the occasional gift when he’s not expecting anything. It’ll remind him why he loves you so much. If you’re looking for something special to get the man in your life, choose one of these five creative gifts.

Classic Shaving Kit
Shaving has made a comeback as more of an art form rather than a daily mundane task. Instead of an electric razor, get your guy a brush and bowl that he can use to wet-shave. This is the type of luxurious gift that might have piqued his interest in the past, but he probably never considered buying for himself. Enter: Awesome girlfriend.

Sports Television Package
Your man will probably be happy enough if you don’t give him a hard time for spending all day Sunday watching football. But if you want to step up the game a bit further, surprise him with a new sports entertainment package for your television. Basic cable is good, but the option to never miss a sporting event is great. And unlike a sporting event, this surprise will last all season long.

Personalized Poker Set
There’s nothing like a guys’ night with friends where your guy can sit back, drink a few beers and play poker. He’ll definitely brag to all of his friends about how amazing you are for having gotten him the set that makes it all possible.

Extreme Sports
If your man is the adventurous type, why not surprise him with an extreme sports gift? If he loves to swim or is fascinated with life under the sea, scuba lessons or a dive are great gifts that will make unforgettable memories. If he prefers to stay on dry land, motocross lessons are another fantastic option—but be prepared. If he falls in love with it, your next gift may be for more motocross gear or motocross goggles to complete the set.

Personalized Keg
A personalized keg is a great gift that he can show off in the man-cave. Whether it’s a smaller novelty liquor keg that will be filled with his favorite scotch or whiskey, or a bigger keg that he can refill with beer for every big game, adding personalization to it will make it last forever. Not only will your man like what’s inside, he’ll enjoy the body of the keg just as much.

He loves being with you, but why not remind him with an incredible surprise gift? These thoughtful, remarkable gift ideas will please him so much that he’ll never forget the fantastic woman who bought them.

Meghan Belnap is a freelance writer from Oklahoma. She enjoys being in the outdoors and researching new topics to expand her horizons. Meghan grew up with a immense sense of wonder and finds everything fascinating, which is why she enjoys writing and exploring. You can often find her outside in her hammock with a good book.

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