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April 4, 2013

Fashion Tips: So You’re Going on a Date…

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Written by: Hannah Warner
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First dates are always the moment your closet turns on you.  There’s too many options and too little time.   It’s that pre-date drama, where everything you own looks the same.  So, here’s a little outfit-guide with some fashion tips to get you through these confusing times.

The Movie Date

I once wore high-waisted skinny jeans on a movie date… That was a mistake.   Most high-waisted items are not friends of chairs, as they sort of chafe your kidneys when you bend around.  When it comes to movie dates, dresses are the way to go.  Especially loose dresses.  They are easy-going, AND very similar to wearing an oversized tee without pants, which is always so fun.

The Concert Date

Concerts are typically death sentences for the female foot.  Best-case scenario if you get caught in pumps at a concert is you’ll be a little immobile from the pain of dancing for two plus hours.  Maybe you complain to your date, maybe you don’t and keep up the whole female “can do anything in heels” façade.  But worst-case, oh it is so so much more bleak and likely.  Perhaps you fall off your heels.  Perhaps you fall off your heels AND drop your drink on your date.  Perhaps you not only  fall and spill drinks, but you also leave early due to foot injuries.  It’s just not worth it.  The ultimate fashion tip for a concert date is: wear flats (preferably a closed toe) and impress your date with you uninhibited dance moves.

The Dinner Date

If you find yourself on a dinner date you may notice the only thing about your outfit your date can see is from the table up.  Seeing as how most tables hit a few inches below boob-line, your choice of tops is about to become vital.  To go the tube top route (or really anything with a lot of cleavage) is not a good idea.  The focal point should really be your face.  To help with appropriate eye-contact and avoid a lot of strange male eye-darting, go for something with a higher neck line.  Button ups and peplum tops are great for a less overt conservatism.

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Hannah Warner
Hannah Warner is the Content Developer for Love is Everywhere. Hannah is currently working with Anna on 'Love is Everywhere' her most recent book and giving as much advice on love, dating and more to Nouveau Dating readers.

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