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April 19, 2013

Future Sext

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Written by: Hannah Warner
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Occasionally when I look at my smart phone I’m reminded of the real possibility that it may eventually develop a mind of it’s own, and kill the human race. That said, I also have begun to realize how many avenues it’s opened up for flirting. We once had phone sex, and then that brief period of explicit emailing, and later on, there was sexting… But now, now I can send a love interest a string emoticons, and what used to be “I want you” is now pout-y faces, bananas, and fire. And the madness doesn’t even begin to stop there. Get ready to enter the new world of flirting with your boo, the future of “sexting”.


The first and foremost future forecast for “sexting” is Snapchat. If you don’t already know and love this lil’ ghostly app, you should. Snapchat allows you to communicate with other app-holders via pictures and videos. It also has a doodle function, so that you can add sexy mustaches to pretty much everything you’ve recorded and/or photographed. And on top of that, if you double tap the screen you can text in a message. It may all sound pretty run-of-the-mill, but where this app really gets it’s reputation is from the time limit on all the pics and vids you send. Everything lasts eight seconds or less (depending on the time you allot) and then is immediately erased from the recipients phone. So, we’re all thinking pretty much the same thing here… nudes. Yes, suggestive content is the name of the game. Keep in mind though that this app is still in it’s beginning technical stages, so screen shots are still a thing. But, a flash of skin lasting only a few seconds is such a briefly naughty way to tease.

Sync Your Calendars

As it turns out, it’s possible on the iPhone to make an event on your calendar and then invite others to share in that event. So, maybe you’re at work, and you’re thinking about that main squeeze of yours, why not make a somewhat ridiculous event entitled “Make out” in your calendar and share it to their phone. Utilizing apps and phone capabilities shows your taking that little extra effort to woo your babe. How many times have you been invited to your BF’s “Pants Party” through a shared event in your calendar? You even have the option to specify times and places in the calendar, and those kinds of extras can always make things way more scandalous. It’s impossibly cute and impossibly geeky and what’s better than that?

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Hannah Warner
Hannah Warner is the Content Developer for Love is Everywhere. Hannah is currently working with Anna on 'Love is Everywhere' her most recent book and giving as much advice on love, dating and more to Nouveau Dating readers.

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