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June 27, 2013

3 Reasons You Need A Guy Friend

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Being friends with a guy has its benefits–and no, I don’t mean those benefits.  Despite what Harry and Sally might argue, guys and girls can be platonic friends, helping to guide each other through the world of romance.  Not to detract from any of your girlfriends who have lots of wisdom to offer; other ladies can empathize, but a male friend can actually shed light onto what other guys are thinking.

When muddling through a dating dilemma, you can rely on your male friends to really knock some sense into you.  If men and women are from different planets, then think of your guy friend as an alien interpreter that will help you navigate through the dating universe.  Here’s why you should love having a male bestie:

1.  They don’t sugarcoat.  Your girlfriends have great advice to give you, but sometimes they try to gently express their opinions (often using mimosas or a shot of tequila as an ice-breaker).  Other girls tend to lightly express concerns, but also echo your hurt or confused feelings.

A guy friend, on the other hand, he’ll just say you’re being an idiot or that he’s just not into you.  To your face.  Without hesitation.  And in return, you’re allowed to punch him in the shoulder.  Even though you’ll act offended, you’ll know he’s right.

2.  He knows how the male brain works, because he has one.  In high school, I was telling my older sister and her boyfriend about how I thought the guy I liked was being super subtle and flirting with me and how it was making my head spin, etc.  After I ranted on and on, her boyfriend mused, “While you’re thinking there’s these different motives and emotions, all he’s thinking is ‘Mmmm, this is a great potato chip.’”  See?!  We often give guys too much credit for plotting their every move.

We tend to over think his texts, actions and responses to us, and it leads to trouble sometimes.  A guy friend can let you in on secrets of the male gender, and how they often overlook how their actions are being perceived.  Male friends aren’t afraid to reveal the inner-workings of your crushes mind, and you’ll benefit from the perspective.

3.  You get all of the male attention without the messy relationship part.  When you’re single, it can be very comforting to have a guy to grab dinner or watch a movie with.  Your girlfriends are always going to help fill your social calendar, but having a little male energy will make you feel less like you’re trapped in a sorority.

Your close guy friends will do all the date stuff with you, but without the romance part (unless you aren’t platonic, which is a whole different subject).  And it’s always great to have a guy around to fix a garbage disposal or leaky fridge-trust me, true story.  So enjoy having a Y chromosome in your life, and let your guy bestie know how awesome he is!

About the Author

Rose Schuchat
Rose was sick of only sharing her dating adventures with a few friends over mimosas at brunch, so she's excited to be a contributor for Nouveau Dating! She hopes to dole out advice while also keeping in perspective the underlying hilarity of romance.

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