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January 8, 2013

Guy Friends

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Written by: Ashley Clarke
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The Benefits of Friends Without Benefits

So you met the perfect guy – he’s funny, kind, and you can talk to him for hours. There’s only one problem: you’re just not into him that way. Your first instinct may be to move on, but he just might be worth keeping him around – as a friend.

You Can Be Friends

A lot of people buy into the When Harry Met Sally myth – that men and women can’t really be friends, that there is always an underlying sexual attraction. Sure, sometimes romantic feelings can develop over the years, but it’s entirely possible to keep things platonic. The key is to maintain certain boundaries – this means no flirting, sleepovers, or drunken hookups. Your friend is not a substitute boyfriend when you’re feeling lonely, so keep it about the friendship.

It Makes You a Better Date

One of the biggest problems women have when dating is not knowing how to talk to men. If you have a guy friend, you get used to interacting with the opposite sex, so you’re more comfortable on dates. It can also help you be the kind of girl guys like – laid back, easy to get along with, and able to appreciate their interests. You don’t have to become a football-watching, beer-swilling tomboy, but it’s always cool to be the girl who can hang with the guys.

He Can Help You Find Someone

Guys tend to have guy friends, so ask your friend if you can meet his buddies sometime. You might meet a great new guy, or at least another friend. The wider your social circle the greater your odds of finding that special person, so it’s always a good idea to keep making new friends.

He Understands How Guys Think

Men generally know how they think, so guy friends can be a great source when your date acted strange or you’re confused about your boyfriend. Having someone who can explain things from a guy’s perspective can really help you understand what’s going on, making it much easier to both fix problems and improve your relationships.

He’s a Friend

Some of the most supportive, wonderful friends I’ve had have been men, and they’ve done a lot more than just help my romantic life. Ultimately, friendships aren’t about getting a date; they’re about having a friend. So treat your guy friends not just as a way into the sometimes mysterious world of men, but the same way you’d treat your female friends. Be a good friend, appreciate the friendship for what it is, and you’ll have a great companion for years to come.

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