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April 11, 2013

Guys and Relationships: She’s Just Not that Into You

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Written by: Hannah Warner
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Remember the glory days of Oprah’s book-club? One of her most memorable best-sellers was that book He’s Just Not That Into You.  It effected so many lives, of so many females that it even went motion-picture status.  Well I’m here to turn the tides, to discuss the male equivalent of noticing a subtle but present, female rejection.  To avoid the lasting effect of desperation when it comes to guys and relationships; if you experience any of these three side effects of dating, stop what you are doing and find someone new.

Girls Night

The “girls night” excuse is one that happens right off the bat.  If you are in a bar/club/coffee shop (really anywhere that is conducive to meeting and talking with people) and you approach a girl who says something like “I’m sorry I can’t get a drink with you, we’re having a girls night”, she’s “just not that into you”.  Most misinterpretations are that this lovely lady does want to get to know you but she just doesn’t want to rudely leave her friends.  This is so rarely the case.  She could step away for a quick minute to talk but she doesn’t want to.  It’s a very polite, very roundabout way of saying no thanks.

Dwindling Texts

You have successfully obtained some digits.  Good work man!  But you’re not in the clear yet.  Ever meet someone who initially seems charming and mysterious only to end up being really the exact opposite? I have. You have.  We all have.  If you initiate some text banter looking to make plans, and your responses for this lil’ lady are overly brief, she’s trying to lose your number.  Sometimes this situation can be a little tricky, so a good rule is, if you text her and she gives you a very “whatever” short response, maybe wrap it up a bit with one more statement and hand the metaphorical ball off to her.  If she wants you, she will toss it back, if not, well, save yourself some trouble and leave it at that.

Busy Schedule

Even the busiest women will make time for their new beaus.  It doesn’t really even matter the scenario.  Maybe they have an important presentation, she’ll schedule some work-breaks with you.  Is she heading on a trip soon?  If she’s into you, you’re going to be helping her pack.  Busy schedules aren’t a thing in the face of chemistry, so when you try to make plans and she is all, “I can’t I have to re-invent the wheel”, take it for what it is, disinterest, and go spend your time on someone who really does want to hang out with you!





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