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July 15, 2013

How to Kick the Wedding Blues


I’m worried, you guys.  I’m worried about cats, especially cats on the Internet.  This summer, my Newsfeed seems to have stopped being full of adorable felines and has been replaced by…weddings.

And it’s not just online.  I think the save the date and wedding invites my house has received are single-handedly keeping the post office in business.  In fact, I’m starting to consider going on a diet rather than facing these happy couples every time I want to grab some cold peanut butter and eat my feelings.

Ok, that’s not fair; love is beautiful, wonderful, inspiring.  But sometimes when you’re single in the summertime, you just feel all Grumpycat.  Even if you’re dating someone and he hasn’t popped the question, it’s hard not to compare your relationship to those you see instagramming their nuptials.  Here are a few tips to stay positive this summer if you’re feeling left out of the wedding craze:

Something Old
Depending on what part of the country you’re from, the pressure to be married and settled down in your twenties can be daunting.  But really, stop feeling like an old maid!  Your time will come, you’re not the last single person on earth.  Think of it like this, by the time you’re married all your friends will be jealous that you’re a newlywed!  And they’ll be able to give you really great advice, like having an unlimited amount of older sisters to ask questions and give you support.  And they’ll know all the best Pinterest boards!

Something New
You may only know the people on one side of the aisle, so take this as an opportunity to meet new friends!  Whether it’s a new bestie bridesmaid, or dancing with that hot groomsman, new and fun adventures await!  And you’ll get to see lots of different parts of your city, country, or even the world!  Your social calendar is totally booked, and that’s a great feeling.

Something Borrowed
The weddings you’re invited to are starting to take a toll on your wallet, and that’s hard to ignore.  One friend of mine actually has fifteen weddings to go to this year!  The logistics of the dress, flights, hotel and bridesmaid obligations might be rubbing salt in the wedding wound.  I can offer no monetary solution, because honestly it’s important to go to these events and be there for your friends and family.  The only thing you can change here is your attitude, so stop counting the dollar amounts and keep in mind the value of friendship and love.

Don’t be the something blue at the next wedding you go to.  Get out there; be happy for the festivities and your love karma will only increase.  Or, pour a tall glass of wine, grab your computer, and judge the crap out of wedding pics… don’t mind if I DO.

About the Author

Rose Schuchat
Rose was sick of only sharing her dating adventures with a few friends over mimosas at brunch, so she's excited to be a contributor for Nouveau Dating! She hopes to dole out advice while also keeping in perspective the underlying hilarity of romance.

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