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April 16, 2013

How to Kiss: Taking Things to the Next Level


It’s safe to say after kissing around seven-ish people, you will have the basics of macking covered.  If you haven’t done this, turn back, don’t continue reading, this article is not for you.  In high school and college, teachers are always droning on the importance of fundamentals, how if you don’t know the rules, you’re not going to be able to break them effectively.  The same applies when it comes to swapping spit.  There are rules.  Know them.  Now, get ready, because we’re about to take this base and distill it into a performance enhancing drug.  It’s time to go and dwell in the realm of how-to-kiss anarchy.

Tips for Girls

Sometimes, hilariously in pop-culture, there will be some girl in some sitcom, who tries to evoke the feelings of a BJ by awkwardly putting phallic food in her mouth.  I think girl culture should just vow to stop doing this.  It’s been done too much, and there are some way better, less animal-planet ways to achieve this kind of suggestion.

This lil’ trick begins around three to five minutes into a make-out sesh.  Note though, the importance of waiting and not throwing all your cards at the table in some weird flash of adrenaline.  Hold onto them, pretend like you don’t have them, make him wonder if you have them, then be all, “No I don’t, but like ya, I actually do.  Probably.”  Create this what-will-happen-next buzz, and then once you’ve waited a proper amount of time, start to gradually use more tongue.  (Side note – French kissing isn’t to open-close, dart your tongue in-and-out of a person’s mouth.  French kissing is about letting your tongue feel theirs, letting it interrupt kissing rhythm, letting your mouth be open and dirty).  So you have your tongue in his mouth, he has his in yours, now take yours out and close your lips around his tongue.  If this is successful, begin to lightly suck, kind of like a baby BJ.  It’s a nod to other activities that will really fog your windows.  Just remember, don’t use this trick too much.  After you do it once or twice, taper off, it needs to be allusive to be powerful.

Tips for Guys

Now let’s turn the tables.  A rare fact known to man, is that it is possible to suggest below the waist activities to a girl during a make-out.  However, it’s not the same as the aforementioned tongue suck.  This one is way more subtle and way easier to execute (lucky you).  All you have to do guys, is first start kissing.  Again, it’s important to let some mind-anxiety-excitement occur before taking things further.  So so much can for the power this foreplay.  Then start kissing slower.  Take more time with your tongue and really slow things down.  Now she’s going to think that you are maybe trying to bring the macking to a close – but you’re not.  Pull back slightly, keep your lips touching and your mouths open.  Use your tongue and direct it into the spot between her teeth and her upper lip.  Slide it from one side to the other on her gums/under-lip.  And eureka, you have a trick that (when done in moderation) is a guaranteed panty dropper.


The key to both of these maneuvers is confidence.  Go into it thinking you are un-smote-able, you are going to succeed and she/he is going to want more.  If you can convince yourself of these thing, it will convince others, and they will ultimately tell their friends tales of your lip-locking prowess.

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