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December 3, 2012

How to Live Together

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Written by: Sushi Krishnan
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So you’ve dated for a while, potentially longer than all of your relationships combined. Things have gone so well you’ve decided to live together. Yet, as the moving van arrives and he slides the back of the truck open, you have what can only be described as a panic attack. He’s got stuff—and loads of it. None of these things are going to fit in your impeccably decorated home, so the only natural solution is to get rid of him, and with a quickness, right? Relax, woman. Here are a few tips on how to live together so it’s painless and even enjoyable, if you can learn how to compromise.

Make Room

Everyone enjoys creature comforts of their own and we all have certain items that serve as a safety blanket. For you, it might be photographs of your friends and family. For him, it might be a giant Star Wars poster. However silly you might find it, if you plan on living together and ostensibly sharing a life with this guy, you need swallow your pride and make room for his things, too.


Be cognizant of the criticisms you’re dispensing. What you might construe as “constructive” can actually come across as nagging. There’s no need to turn into his mother just because you share a place. That’s not to say if you’re OCD about the dishes and he’s happy to leave them in the sink you can’t bring it up, but you can do so in a way that isn’t hurtful or overly harsh.

Make the Time

Often when couples move in together and busy lives merge, the romance aspect of a relationship can go out the window and suddenly you find yourself with a roommate instead of a partner. Ensuring that bills are paid and groceries are bought is important in life and adulthood, but don’t forget to make the time for each other. Whether it’s a standing date night or spontaneous evening out, keep the relationship as much of a priority as you did prior to living together.

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