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June 12, 2013

How to Set Up Friends


We all have those two friends that we just know would be perfect for each other. They just need a little push to get them together. That’s where you come in. You tell your girlfriend that you found her soulmate and it would be a crime if the two of them didn’t meet immediately. This usually translates into a forced, awkward date where both parties walk away disappointed and still single. But maybe, just maybe, there’s a way to set people up without losing both as friends. Here are some tips to minimize the discomfort for your friends.

Don’t Oversell

No one is perfect. Your friends know that, so don’t sell the potential mate as the ideal specimen. No guy can live up to the perfect abs, hair and personality you’ve described. For many single women, a simple nice guy will suffice, so don’t set impossible expectations that will inevitably lead to disappointment.

Do Things in a Group

Invite both of your friends to something where you know there will be a lot of people like a party, a concert or a hoedown. That way, they can get to know each other in a low pressure situation without feeling like they have to find things to talk about all night. If they hit it off, wonderful! If not, they can part ways amicably and continue having fun at the hoedown.

Don’t Force It

Even though you know these two are meant to be, they may not agree and you have to accept that. Forcing them to spend time together is just going to make them feel uncomfortable and resent you for not letting this go. Stop planning their wedding and let them decide if they like each other enough for a second date.

Do Stay out of the Middle

Since you were the one that introduced them, it’s going to be tempting for both of them to come to you with problems about the other. Be there for your friends but don’t be the mediator. Don’t communicate for either of them; instead encourage them to communicate with each other. Otherwise, they may end up blaming you for the demise of their relationship.

If you follow these steps and your instincts are good, you may just solidify your position as Maid of Honor in their wedding!

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Stephanie Diehl
Stephanie, a Colorado native, is currently attending Syracuse University, majoring in Television, Radio and Film. She loves sharing her adventures through the uncharted world of college dating and hopes to entertain you along the way.

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