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November 2, 2012

How To Sext


Sexting is a great way to explore sexual boundaries and turn on your girl in new and possibly unexpected ways, but before you get started you have to know where other men have gone wrong. I have to warn you, many men before you have made these 5 mistakes! So don’t follow their messy footsteps. Use the tips to learn how to sext.

1.    Pet Name For Girls

The introduction will make or break the conversation so be very careful! Be weary of using pet names this includes but is by NO means limited to sexy, sugar, honey, sweetie, hottie, doll… the list goes on and on. If this is not a term you’ve tried out face to face avoid the digital test run when trying to seduce your partner.

2.    After Sex

Timing is critical. Sexting before any sexual activity has occurred in the bedroom may send the wrong message. Although we all know you’ve pictured her naked by now, you want to avoid sounding creepy. This is likely if you sext her too early in the relationship. Having the right timing goes hand in hand with sending the rightmessage. If you only want a sexual relationship go ahead and get started, but if you’re looking for more, ask her how her day’s going before telling her you want to see her hot naked body.

3.    Send Pictures to Phone
Maybe you have some pictures of yourself in suggestive positions; before you send them keep in mind what some one else does with them is entirely out of your control once you hit send. And here’s the big one… you may be incredibly turned on by seeing a naked girl, but she isnot as likely to enjoy a picture of your private parts blasted on her phone. If she begs go ahead, otherwise leave some things to the imagination.

4.    Talk Dirty

It is very easy for sexting conversations to escalate very quickly, and with such speed, you may risk sounding trashy. Some girls are not as interested in hearing all of your inappropriate thoughts, so maybe leave out all the details until you try it out in person. Keep it classy, tell her your fantasy or better yet ask for hers.

5.    Names For Penis

Do not and I repeat do not make some stupid name for your penis. There are many lists stating what names not to use, but I say do not use any! As we saw in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Matthew McConaughey was not pleased with “Princess Sophia,” in turn it is very likely she won’t like the name you pick either. For example, “little your name here” will not get her in your bed.

To learn more about sexting check out this article “Why Sext?

And to learn what not to do, who better to ask than the Chive.

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