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December 14, 2012

Long Distance Relationship


Involuntary separation from your significant other can be tough. Even for as little as 3 month stretches at a time, the human nature is weak with deprivation of love from their long time mate.  This is why long distance relationships are a challenge for nearly everyone who encounters them, because every person has needs that are more easily met with a live in-person form of interaction, yet are helplessly attached to their beloved.

Once you’ve established that the relationship is mutually valued at long-term expectations, and officially undertake this test of love to your relationship, adhering to the following 3 tips will ensure that you both pass with relief and less stress- no matter how long the separation.

Understand Each Other’s Responsibilities.

By knowing what responsibility you are held to in the relationship, you can make the best decisions according to each wave of dilemmas the two of you may encounter. Cherish one another in each other’s absence and value the time you have together. Don’t disrespect the boundaries of the relationship; you both may do some indirect flirting with other people, but don’t let it exceed. If at any time you feel disconnected or a change in pace in the relationship, tell the other person as soon as possible. The ability to discuss these important issues at this point in the relationship is vital; without quality communication between the two of you, separation could be more agonizing than it needs to be. Making a sincere effort to be emotionally available to each other’s concerns during this difficult time, is something you both will find to be a very useful bonding technique.

Explore Methods Of Communication.

This day in age has brought with it, the invention of so many useful tools for communicating. Not everyone has the means to meet their significant other as much as they want, but with a consistent yet varied integration of texting, sexting, sexy skype video chats, and steamy reunions every few months, the two of you can make a fierce attempt to overcome this obstacle.

Trust In The Relationship.

Remind yourself of the power your relationship shares now, and its potential for growth. Overcoming hardships in any relationship is a positive indication that the relationship is still on a successful path. But in order for this to happen, you both must forget insecurities about the situation, and stay true to your beliefs of a positive outcome.

Whether it ends as friends or honest, tie-the-knot type of love, it doesn’t help to stress over the outcome of a relationship. A thoughtful attitude about one another is the key to keeping a connection alive.

About the Author

Samantha Daniel
Samantha Daniel is a Colorado native, attending Metro State University majoring in technical communication, with emphases in writing and editing. Her passion for relationships, dating, and romance unfolds in her articles.

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