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March 25, 2013

Mix it Up


While cleaning out my car, I came across an artifact from one of my relationships past.  It was a mix CD sent to me by my first love.  Although it was scratched beyond recognition, it still maintained a lot of it’s charm, bearing the title “Mix You” and several kissing stick figure doodles.  I had received it in the mail the summer my boyfriend and I had been living in different states.  This particular mix was a set of songs about longing.  I remember listening to those heart-sick ballads and feeling incredibly close to him despite the distance.  Needless to say, “Mix You” became the soundtrack to the rest of my summer, and it got me to thinking about how music can be used as a way to mix it up when in a relationship.


Most people when asked can even name a specific song in association with their former loves.  Like smells, sound has the ability to carry a level of intimacy, a kind of music-memory that words cannot.  It’s another level of romance, the kind of romance we all thought died in the nineties along with cassette tapes, and it’s time that the sentiment of the mix-tape got revived.  Let’s mix it up!

Making a Mix

Creating a mix-tape is like creating a mood for your partner.  Perhaps you’re feeling super turned on, make the theme “songs about getting down” and go find yourself some Marvin Gaye.  Maybe your beau is going on a road trip, try putting together a folk-y mix to go with the scenery.  Or perhaps your guy is preparing a presentation, an outlandish mix of pump up songs featuring “Eye of the Tiger” could be just what he needs.  What’s great about mix tapes is that they can be made for just about any reason and still be incredibly romantic.  Another bonus of the post nineties mix tapes is that there are a lot of electronic resources you can use to help you create your play-list.  Both Spotify and Pandora have a radio function that allows you to mix it up and explore similar sounding artists based on the ones you already know.  With the help of the internet, there shouldn’t be anything stoping you from endlessly serenading your love with mix tapes.  Go make some music-memories!

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