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September 5, 2013

Blast from the Past: Retro Dating Tips from the 1930s


Ever wonder what it was like to date back in the day? Let’s say the 1930s? Well, lucky for you a website called Retronaut shared some dating gems from that time. These tips were printed in a magazine called Click Parade back in 1938 and were targeted at single women looking for Mr. Right.  Some are no-brainers, some are over the top by 2013 standards, but most are still pretty on-point.

Don’t sit in awkward positions and never look bored, even if you are.

Check out the picture attributed to this tip. Please don’t ever sit like that on a first date. Try to be cool, calm and collected and act interested in your date. Even if the date sucks, at least try to have fun. At least it’ll make for an amusing story later on.

Do your dressing in your boudoir to keep your allure. Be ready to go when your date arrives. Greet him with a smile!

This is obvious, especially if it’s a first date. You need to leave some things behind closed doors in the beginning of a courtship, or the guy might think you’re easy. Also, girls are notorious for making guys wait. Give yourself ample time to primp before your date arrives.

If you need a brassiere, wear one. Don’t tug at your girdle, and be careful your stockings aren’t wrinkled.

Women actually had to deal with this sort of stuff back in the 1930s? Kudos to them, because who really has time to deal with girdles and stockings nowadays? However, I do agree with the bra thing. If you need one, please wear one.

Don’t be familiar with your escort by caressing him in public. Any open show of affection is in bad taste, usually embarrasses or humiliates him.

I say nah. If you want to brush your date’s arm or even go in for a kiss, do it. It’ll show him you’re interested. Apparently back in the day this was a no-go, but in 2013, guys appreciate when girls take the wheel.

Don’t be sentimental or try to get him to say something he doesn’t want to by working on his emotions. Men don’t like tears, especially in public places.

Ladies, don’t try to make your guys talk about serious or touchy subjects in public and please do not start crying in public either. Guys hated it back in 1938 and guess what? They still hate it in 2013. By all means, though, go for it when you’re alone. Don’t hold your emotions or tears back for anyone’s sake.

Don’t talk about clothes or try to describe your new gown to a man. Please and flatter your date by talking about things he wants to talk about.

While you should cater to topics your date likes, it’s definitely not a bad thing to also discuss what interests you. Let’s not go into a huge discussion about your new bag or shoes, but it’s good to make the conversation mutually interesting.

Don’t be conspicuous talking to other men. The last straw is to pass out from too much liquor. Chances are your date will never call you again.

Once again, this one is dead-on. If you’re on a date with one guy, don’t flirt with another. It’s just plain rude. The guys of today may still call you if you get a little too tipsy on your date, but it might be best to avoid it anyways.

While it may seem like 1938 was ages ago, the people over at Click Parade actually gave out some quality advice. The extent to which these retro dating tips are relevant is debatable, but in the end one thing remains: act like a mature, yet fun-loving, adult and you’ll go far.

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Elisa Freese
Elisa Freese is a lifelong New Yorker with a Bachelor’s degree from SUNY New Paltz and a Master’s degree from New York University. She has always had a love for writing and now that school and homework are finally done forever, Elisa is going back to writing on a regular basis. In addition to writing, Elisa loves anything that has to do with traveling, shopping, social media and TV/movies. With her experiences, as well as the experiences of her friends and family, Elisa hopes to shed some light on the ins and outs of dating to the readers of Nouveau Dating.

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