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June 5, 2013

Soundtrack to Sex

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If you’ve ever lived in a dorm room, or in any apartment with walls so thin you could hear your neighbor sneeze, you’ll recognize the importance of music during a hook up.  However, girls can often get a little more distracted during sex (Jenna Marbles understands), so what music you’re listening to becomes a vital decision.

Of course, choosing the wrong soundtrack can always make for a hilarious story later.  Like in college, a guy turned on his television’s “fireplace setting” (a moving picture of flames, he swore it made the room warmer) and proceeded to blast hardcore rap.  I subsequently proceeded to exit quickly, and in a fit of giggles at his cheesy interpretation of seduction.

Maybe only your roommates care that you guys were blaring African drumming music (seriously, a friend confessed that’s what her boyfriend usually chooses), but for those wanting some better suggestions, read on!  I’ve compiled a list of artists to keep you in the, ahem, mood without destroying the moment.  Your ears should feel just as pleased as the rest of you, so give these a try!

**Disclaimer:  In no way am I a Sex DJ (omg, I hope that’s not a real thing!  Is that a real thing?!), so leave a comment below and share your favorite tunes!

1. Frank Ocean.  Frank’s song “Thinking About You” is gentle and sweet; his sultry voice makes for a little slow jam that isn’t blatantly sexy.  Warning:  you may end up romantically staring into each others eyes for long periods of time.

2.  U2.  Confession:  This one worked for an ex-boyfriend and I who mutually disliked U2.  As such, we were able to just tune them out while surprisingly enjoying the background music.  Actually, “With or Without You” is the only song I genuinely like, but only because Friends used it when Ross and Rachel split.  Anyways, as a little experiment, try putting on a band you’re not a fan of next time you’re in bed and see if the trick works for you too!

3.  Youtube.  I wondered what Youtube had to say about this topic, and I discovered this “Amazing Sex Soundtrack.”  Youtube user “dateless101” claims this one’s a winner, and I guess it is if you’re into the whole Gregorian chanting thing.  Give it a whirl if you’re so inclined, although it’s only a minute and thirty seconds…so maybe put it on repeat.

4.  Mumford and Sons.  Soothing.  Romantic.  Beautiful.  What’s not to love about four cute British guys singing their hearts out?  Babel is their latest album, you can listen to the full version here.  Also try the Mumford and Sons Pandora station; it’s full of mellow guitars and crooning voices.  Maybe banjo doesn’t exactly turn you on?  Despite my previous advice with U2, you should also try listening to a band you love.  You’ll discover that your ears might not be the only thing perking up!

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Rose was sick of only sharing her dating adventures with a few friends over mimosas at brunch, so she's excited to be a contributor for Nouveau Dating! She hopes to dole out advice while also keeping in perspective the underlying hilarity of romance.

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