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August 5, 2013

Secret Stuff Girls Love About Guys


You don’t have to be our boyfriends for this stuff to hit us like kryptonite, but don’t be surprised if we try to snag your heart if we see you do any of the things on this list. Gentleman, these are a few of your most endearing habits.

  1. We love when you have to wake up too early and you’re the most disheveled, surly brat for a while. Boys with fuzzy, tired brains and unshaven faces are so inexplicably cute.

  2. We love when you get excited about a dog. Or you’re nice to a baby. Unexpected gentleness doesn’t make you look soft, it makes you look like the best, most courageous man of all time.

  3. We love when you express loyalty or solidarity in regards to a friend. It’s refreshing to be reminded that you guys have feelings that people forget to give you credit for. So don’t be skittish about showing your friends some affection. Maybe give one of them a piggy-back ride.

  4. We love how happy we can make you if we bring food. No man can fully express his gratitude with a mouthful of burrito, but we know in that moment, it’s immeasurable.

  5. We act like we don’t, but we love pranks. Especially if you spray us with a squirt gun or something like that. We really like that you put in the effort and take so much joy in inconveniencing us. It’s like getting chased around the playground.

  6. We love that sometimes it’s literally impossible for you to listen to us. Then when we remind you of the conversation that you don’t remember, you get the most ridiculous look of confusion/surprise on your face when you realize you’re caught. The best part is when you decide to employ the Jurassic Park Strategy: You’ll be safe if you don’t move. Keep smiling and freeze. Don’t say a word. And we can’t stay mad at you, because you’re just stupid, stupid boys and you’re trying your best.

  7. We love when you know what you want. You decide that you’re going to be the best at slight-of-hand magic, knot-tying or strawberry-growing and then you let no man or beast stand in your way. You get projects stuck in your head and become the Lewis and Clark of whatever dumb thing you decided was going to be cool. My brother has $80 worth of copper pipe in his apartment right now because he decided he was going to build a fountain. He doesn’t know how to build fountains. He barely did any research. But by God, he had the characteristic determination of your gender.

  8. When love when you cook. We don’t even care that you’re a doofus pretending to be a master chef, girls love it because you’re trying so hard. And if you’re actually an awesome cook? Use this power only for good.

  9. We love that you love us. Men are completely powerless to resist women. No matter if you’re our friend or our boyfriend, we know that you’re really just a big softie. If we ask you in just the right way, you’ll do anything for us. Don’t worry, we won’t take advantage of you. You’re too sweet.

Gentleman: Use this information wisely. We’ll know if you’re just faking it to get in our pants, because you have to at least pretend you don’t know how much we like it if you want to get us to swoon.

Ladies: Did I miss anything? Leave it in the comments!

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