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April 18, 2013

Taking the Leap to Becoming Facebook Official

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Written by: Aliza Chudnow
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After going on numerous dates, the guy you are seeing finally asked you to be his girlfriend. Do you A-call your best friend to tell her the good news, B-change your Facebook status to in a relationship with (insert your new bf’s name), C-do all of the above or D-do none of the above?  If you answered D to this question maybe you should have thought a little harder before accepting his initial request to taking the next step and becoming his girlfriend.

News flash ladies, not being excited to tell the world (or at least your close friends) that you are in a new relationship, can lead to major consequences down the road. The start of a new relationship is supposed to be exciting, you are supposed to want to tell everyone and want to show off the new guy you are proudly dating. Maybe you are a private person, which is completely understandable, but in this day and age, not making your relationship Facebook official, can mean more than just wanting to keep your personal life under wraps.

I know it seems kind of dumb to consider whether or not being Facebook official will make or break your relationship but look at it this way….

Having no relationship status to the hundreds of people you are friends with means you are still fair game. Maybe subconsciously you don’t want others to see you are in a relationship so you can still be flirty when going out. Or maybe you are friends with someone on Facebook who you have always had a crush on.  If they saw you were in a relationship that glimmer of hope would instantly be demolished.

Bottom line is, if you like him enough and are happy you are in a relationship with him, be proud to show him off whether that be to your best friends or to your online, kinda-sorta not really friends, but close acquaintances.  Taking that next step and making it FBO proves that you are ready for the commitment and you don’t care who sees it!

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Aliza Chudnow
From a young age Aliza was passionate about writing, especially on the topic of love. At the University of Kansas, Aliza wrote for the newspaper about love and dating. She looks forward to sharing her advice with you.

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