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June 11, 2013

The Artist


The college student wearing a beret brooding in the corner. On college campuses everywhere, this type of male is referred to as the artist. Today we observe his behavior in order to discover what makes this species so unique.

Natural Habitat: Depending on his preferred form of expression, the artist can be found on many places across campus. He can often times be seen at coffee shops performing his latest poetic masterpiece at Open Mic Night. He also spends his time editing his short film or painting his magnum opus in the studio. He doesn’t go to class much, as he claims that inspiration doesn’t thrive there.

Appearance:  The clothing of the artist is almost always black: the color of darkness and pain. He often sports an unshowered look, marked by greasy hair and the faint smell of paint. Put simply, the artist looks like the missing member of The Cure.

Character Traits: He is the personification of the word “angst.” He spends a great deal of time agonizing over the dark things in the world, another reason for his choice of clothing. The artist can also find beauty and meaning in almost anything in the world. Though his filming of a paper bag blowing in the wind may make no sense to the outside world, he sees the splendor in that piece of trash. Despite choosing a path full of rejection, the artist has a very fragile ego. He will often shut down at even the hint of criticism.

Prey: The artist flocks to females of his kind: dark, misunderstood and creative. He will find any female less than this to be superficial and tedious. He must see a mystery in a female in order to be interested.

How to Capture the Artist: As stated above, you must be mysterious to attract the artist. If you are a puzzle, he will want to solve you. Once you entice him with your enigmatic nature, you can keep him with your shared love of art. Be careful when talking about his art because of his sensitive personality. Showering him with praise is often the most surefire way to his heart.

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Stephanie Diehl
Stephanie, a Colorado native, is currently attending Syracuse University, majoring in Television, Radio and Film. She loves sharing her adventures through the uncharted world of college dating and hopes to entertain you along the way.

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