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June 24, 2013

The Athlete


The star of many college campuses around the country is the athlete. Whether he plays football, basketball or some other sport, this species is the glory of the school. Study the peculiar behavior of the athlete and you may just score the next Carmelo Anthony.

Natural Habitat: The athlete is most likely to be spotted at practice or at the gym. He will go to any location in which he can work to improve at his sport. He is rarely found attending class, unsurprising considering all of the time he spends at away games.

Appearance: Naturally, the athlete is a very muscular specimen. He works hard to obtain his physique and desires to show it off. His wardrobe is usually marked by sweatpants and the t-shirts he has collected through years of organized sports. These t-shirts often have the sleeves cut off, as to display his body to the females on campus.

Character Traits: The athlete is very confident of his abilities. He is not afraid to boast his athletic accomplishments. He does this to impress whoever he is with. Modesty is not a trait he seems to hold. The athlete is also extremely ambitious. Almost all of this species, dream of becoming a professional in their respective sport, no matter how unlikely this may be.

Prey: The athlete typically isn’t looking for a female to settle down with, since he is focused on his career, not love; rather, he is usually on the hunt for one night mating with as many females as possible. He doesn’t have to look far for this, as he has many admirers constantly at his beck and call. This is especially true if he has just won his most recent game.

How to Capture the Athlete: As stated before, the college athlete is notorious for trying to conquer as many women as possible. So if you’re just looking for something non-committal, just be in their line of vision at a social function. Attracting this species for the long run is also fairly simple: take an interest in his sport. Nothing quite intrigues the athlete as much as a female who understands the intricacies of his passion. Check out this article  for tips for each individual college sport’s athlete.

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