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December 3, 2012

The First Date


First dates can be tricky. Maybe you’re nervous, maybe you’re excited, but hopefully it’s a combination of the two. If you’re anything like me and you like the guy, you have probably put some thought into this date. The first step will be finding the right outfit. I love clothes, hair, and makeup, all of it! So this is a great start to get myself ready and even more excited for the date. You get a chance to look cute, dress up and have a good time. So what’s not to look forward to? A quick tip on what to wear- make sure the outfit is occasion appropriate (if it’s a surprise bring a cute jacket just in case) and make sure you feel good in whatever you choose. If you feel great in it, it will look great to him. Check out How to Dress Right and Dress for Date for more on what to wear.

So now you look great, time to get going. The most important thing to remember is be yourself. He already asked you out because of the amazing person you are, so let him know the real you. Whatever age you are, job or body type you have own it. You are incredible, so be the real you and he will see that. Remember it is very difficult to keep up a lie if you start dating the guy. You will have to work very hard to remember the lie(s) you told and make sure you don’t slip, or eventually you’ll have to tell him the truth and come up with some explanation on why you said it in the first place. This can get very messy. So my advice, don’t do it!

Fast-forward to the end of the night. You had an amazing time but now you have to say goodbye and send the message that you want to see him again. Some people may be ready for the first kiss, if you are go for it. If not that is okay too. Either way tell him you had a great time. There is no reason not to admit it and this way you avoid playing games. Then as you go your separate ways he’ll remember the great first date and know when he calls again you’ll be excited to go too.

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