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June 18, 2013

The Foreign Exchange Student


This creature is only on campus for a few semesters but he likes to make the most of his time. He tries to soak up as much of this new and exciting country as possible. He is always on the prowl for a female to share his experiences with. Study the foreign exchange student’s behavior and you may just be able to discover a new culture as well.

Natural Habitat: To acclimate himself to his new surroundings, the foreign exchange student can often be found at events at the cultural center on campus. This way, he can find other people friends in a similar situation as him. After he meets these allies, he begins to act like the rest of campus. He can be found at class, the library or a party, as any native student would be.

Appearance: The foreign exchange student tends to blend in with the student body. His everyday outfit tends to consist of a simple t-shirt and jeans. In some cases, the male will wear an item of clothing symbolizing his home country. For example, a male from France might wear a beret, while one from Mexico will wear the flag of his country on his t-shirt.

Character Traits: The crucial trait of the foreign exchange student is his lack of knowledge of the English language. It often causes him difficulty in his classes, as well as his social interactions. When he is able to get a grasp on speaking the new language, this male has a very distinct accent. It signifies his alien origins and can often tell an observer where he hails from.

Prey: The foreign exchange student is very aware of his effect on women. He sees the change in a female’s demeanor when she hears his accent and uses this to his advantage. He often calls attention to his exotic nature to remind her of his worldliness and mystery. His prey is enamored by this cultural enigma and will listen to him speak for hours, even if she cannot understand him. The foreign exchange student will often emphasize their fleeting time together in the hopes of speeding up the mating process.

How to Capture the Foreign Exchange Student: The key to apprehending this type of male is speaking in short, simple sentences. As the foreign exchange student often has only an elementary level understanding of English, it is best to make communication as straightforward as possible. The female can also use the temporary nature of his visit to her advantage. If she is looking for an enjoyable, carefree fling, this species may just be the right choice for her.

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