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June 26, 2013

Things You Can Only Do When You’re Single


Are you single and hating it? Well you shouldn’t be. There are several advantages to not having the old ball and chain hold you down!

Wear Whatever You Want

Ever worry that what you wear might clash with what your partner’s wearing? Single people don’t have to worry about that! It’s already hard enough trying to figure out how to make yourself look nice without having to also constantly worry about another person’s outfit. Screw couple Halloween costumes! Go to the party dressed as a zombie ballerina construction worker from outer space!

Hangout With Whoever You Want

You may have friends who your significant other isn’t a big fan of, so you have to make sure you hang out with them at separate times. Well when you’re single, you can hang out with whoever you want! Plus your friends won’t get annoyed with you always having that special someone around. Jump from group to group as often as you want or get them all together and have an awesome party (boyfriends and girlfriends optional)!

Be On Your Own Schedule

Often times, you want to hang out with your partner as much as you can, but their schedule can clash with theirs and this could mean waiting hours for them to get back from the gym and by the time they’re done, they’re too tired to go out with you. When you’re single, you are on your own time. You can go wherever whenever!

Of course if you’re in a great relationship, you should be able to just be yourself and do what you feel is right, but if you’re single, party on!

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