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February 25, 2013

Warm Bodies Leaves Viewers with Warm Hearts


Warm Bodies is Twilight for Zombies. Jonathan Levine, director and screenwriter adapted the screenplay from a novel by Isaac Marion.  Warm Bodies feels as though it targets the female tween and teenage markets. It’s a sweet humorous drama that tells the story of a forbidden friendship that has the power to affect an entire city.

The cast, including, John Malkovich, Dave Franco, Nicolas Hault, and Teresa Palmer, are excellent in their roles. For the most part, Levine is able to keep the story moving at an interest-keeping pace using the limited dialogue options he has with the zombies. The front of the film is heavy on monologue voice over which serves well to establish the premise and propel the story to a point of action.

Warm Bodies uses an entertaining platform to criticize our societies’ isolation from real human contact and deep worthwhile relationships. The film makes a strong statement for a society that hypes the power of social media while simultaneously undervaluing the power of honest personal relationships.

Warm Bodies also gives voice to the power of one individual who thinks differently, overcomes his fears, and allows himself to become the creator of a new paradigm that betters an entire community.

Most guys will probably not be rushing to see this movie, but if your girlfriend keeps talking about it then take her. She’ll let reality go for 97 minutes and you’ll find yourself laughing and enjoying the plot. Warm Bodies reminds couples of the value their bonds hold, and leaves the importance of love filled relationships as the last impression while the credits roll.

Quick and to the Point:

A fun romantic movie with an entertaining cast and a moment of excellent satire. Slow at times, slightly predictable, could be stronger if the target audience weren’t Tweenagers. I give Warm Bodies 3 out of 5 stars.

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