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May 17, 2013

Your Single Friends Hate You


You’re in love.  Your world is now a Disney cartoon, with birds chirping and inanimate objects singing.  Hooray!  But before you run to Facebook to post the twenty selfies of you and your man making out in the park yesterday, consider your single friends.  While happy for you, your bestie might be missing her partner in crime, and it’s important not to flaunt your new relationship in her face.  It’s tempting to spend all of your time with your one and only, but don’t fall down the rabbit hole of a relationship and lose the friendships you care about.

The Extra Roommate

When your boyfriend stays over you get sex, but all your roomie gets is a new moocher in an already cramped apartment.  Sure, his place almost always reeks of stale beer and you think the carpet might be molding.  But that doesn’t mean he always gets to stay the night at your place.  You two hog the kitchen and no one wants to hear your baby talk in their own living room.  Not to mention that your friend would either like to spend time with you or feel free to walk around her own house bra free.  Be sure that he’s considerate of your home (toilet seat down please), and every once in a while try not inhale too deeply while you stay at his place and leave your own apartment boyfriend-free.

Attached at the Hip

Ok, you think you found your soul mate, but you’ve also somehow gained about 200 pounds of boy; you two coming as a package deal gets frustrating.  Seriously, your girlfriends don’t always want your guy crashing Thursday night froyo.  No matter how great he is, they won’t be able to talk freely around him and you might be missing out on big details of their lives.  And while your hand is rubbing his upper thigh they can hardly stop themselves from literally gagging on their spoons.  You consider this group hangout as quality friend time, but they definitely don’t.

Plan, Plan, Plan

 Yea, it’s not fun to schedule friend time in your Google calendar, but it’s important for everyone involved.  Having independent activities and lives will only strengthen your relationship with your man, not to mention that his friends are growing just as tired of never seeing their best wing man; a little space will be good for both of you.  And trust me, when he comes over on a Tuesday and breaks up with you for no reason, leaving you stunned and bawling your eyes out while you listen to Adele’s “Someone Like You” on repeat, you’re going to need someone to cry to (hypothetically speaking, of course).  The point is that your girlfriends will be there for you whether your life looks like a Disney movie or a Quentin Tarantino film.  And that’s worth making time for.


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Rose was sick of only sharing her dating adventures with a few friends over mimosas at brunch, so she's excited to be a contributor for Nouveau Dating! She hopes to dole out advice while also keeping in perspective the underlying hilarity of romance.

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