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What I’ve Learned About Dating in Your Mid-Twenties

Guest Post by Sara LeProwse It’s fucking hard. There’s a million ways you can meet new people these days. There are the old ways, meeting a friend-of-a-friend, falling in “love” at a bar, or catching the eye of the smar...
by Nouveau Dating Reporters


Study: Love Makes Life Sweeter

Love: it’s what we spend months, years or even our whole lives trying to find. A great love has the ability to bring happiness and a certain brightness to our lives. But guess what? It also makes life sweeter…literally. A s...
by Elisa Freese



2014 State of Dating in America Report

For the second year in a row, and have released The State of Dating in America Report, a dating study unearthing interesting facts and statistics about dating in the good old U.S. of A. 2,647 peopl...
by Elisa Freese



January: An Unlucky Month for Love?

Apparently the merry holiday spirit of December is followed by a not so merry time. According to a study done by, January is the most popular month for breakups.  Who would’ve thought? With New Year̵...
by Elisa Freese

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Good News: Your favorite love and dating advice blog now has gotten rid of these pesky words and created an Instagram feed highlighting all the love in this world. Better News: You can be featured on our Instagram! Tag pictures...
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