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The 5 Traits of a Healthy Relationship

Guest Post by April Labarron Relationships are difficult, and couples must spend a lot of time trying to cultivate growth together and as individuals. Some people struggle and some couples seemingly make it work without trying....
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Moving In Together? Five Essential Tips for Perfectly Blending Your Lives

Guest Post by Brionna Kennedy When couples choose to move in together, it takes their relationship to a new level. Talking things over helps you both have an understanding of what to expect so that you make the best choice for...
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5 Ways to Beat Your First Date Jitters

Guest Post by Rianne Hunter First dates are nerve-wracking. You can’t predict how the night will go, you don’t know if you’ll have a good time and you’re worried that you won’t have a way out. The good news is that al...
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Break Up Advice Survival Guide

We all have one person we just can’t get over, and there’s usually no clear reason why that particular person has a hold on us. Some say it is a past-life connection, while others say it is because we finally found ...
by Christy Goldstein


Creative Gifts for When a Thank You Just Won’t Cut It

Guest Post by Jayla Barnsen Saying thank you isn’t always as simple as just getting the words out. Sometimes, thanking someone for something special might necessitate a little bit of extra appreciation on your part. These are...
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