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How to Console a Friend After a Breakup

There are a few points in a girl’s life when she really need her friends and one of those times is after a breakup.  Following a painful breakup, a girl looks to her friends for advice, a shoulder to cry on and for a rea...
by Elisa Freese


Jealousy: How Far Will You Cross The Line?

When you’re in a relationship with a jealous person, there’s always a conflict about what’s okay and what’s not. Some people think it’s perfectly fine to check their partner’s Facebook and em...
by Christy Goldstein



10 Holiday Gift Ideas the Man in Your Life is Sure to Love

Guest Post by Anita Ginsburg Most men are difficult to shop for, which makes a woman’s job during the holiday season all the more stressful. If your significant other is among the few who tell you directly what he wants y...
by Nouveau Dating Reporters



Don’t Wait for the Holidays to Surprise Him! 5 Creative Gifts to Give Your Man

Guest Post by Meghan Belnap Shopping for a man can be hard. There are so many options available and you want to make sure you get him a gift that he’ll appreciate and love as much as he loves you. Aside from the typical holid...
by Nouveau Dating Reporters


Lucky in Lotto, Unlucky in Love

Guest Post by Howard Iken Most people have heard the well-worn phrase, “Money can’t buy happiness,” but there are valid points on both sides of the argument. The truth is that money can either buy happiness or it can buy ...
by Nouveau Dating Reporters