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Four Perfect Ways to Have a Magical, (Mostly) Affordable Anniversary

Guest Post by Chaleigh Glass Your anniversary only comes along once every year, and both you and your spouse deserve to celebrate the occasion in style. When money is tight, you can’t always afford an elaborate party or a...
by Nouveau Dating Reporters


Dating Advice for Meeting Up With Your Cyber Boyfriend

Checking my online dating profile always sends me into a giggle-fest of shame.  Hello online boyfriends.  It’s fun to pseudo anonymously feed off the attention of cyber suitors – it’s so much fun.  At some point though...
by Hannah Warner



A Healthy Couple is a Happy Couple

As much as it is a pain to actually get ourselves to eat healthy and go to the gym, there’s no doubt that it makes us feel better. However, often times when we are in a relationship, we get too comfortable and sometimes l...
by Claudia Alpert



First Date Tips: Ditch Dull Dinner Dining

Dinner utensils clink away, making the awkward silences that much more evident.  You dab your lip ever so gingerly with your napkin as the balsamic salad dressing just doesn’t quite cleanly make the cut into your mouth. Your...
by Hannah Fredenberg


Fun Weeknight Activities for Couples

It’s Monday! So exciting! Just kidding, I know Mondays are the worst. And after work, you may be looking for a little rest and relaxation with your significant other tonight. But before you turn on the TV, ask yourself, are t...
by Lauren Volpe