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A Healthy Couple is a Happy Couple

As much as it is a pain to actually get ourselves to eat healthy and go to the gym, there’s no doubt that it makes us feel better. However, often times when we are in a relationship, we get too comfortable and sometimes l...
by Claudia Alpert


Dating Advice for Meeting Up With Your Cyber Boyfriend

Checking my online dating profile always sends me into a giggle-fest of shame.  Hello online boyfriends.  It’s fun to pseudo anonymously feed off the attention of cyber suitors – it’s so much fun.  At some point though...
by Hannah Warner



Traveling with Your Partner

If you and your partner find yourselves tiring of the daily grind, try some adventure and who knows what you might find!  When was the last time you got down and dirty and went camping with your partner?  Where is that place ...
by Chase Greene



First Date: One To Remember

So you’ve got a date…the hardest part is over. You successfully made a good first impression and you want to keep those good vibes rolling. Skip the restaurant, forget the movies, and try these alternatives to mak...
by Chase Greene


New Relationship: Hitting A Love Rut

You’re finally in an exclusive relationship with someone. It’s been about two or three months of having the title together – you’re happy, he’s happy, everything seems good so far. So why is your mind swirling wit...
by Hannah Fredenberg