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Are You Ready to Date Again?

Everyone will try to tell you their scientific formula for how long you have to wait to be ready to date again after a break up. Normally it has to do with how long you were together and who dumped who. Since when did matters o...
by Amanda Juarez

When to Say No

When to Call It Off

Not every relationship is perfect, requiring a little compromise and even more patience, but there are some things that should never be ignored. If No One Knows About You If you’ve been dating a guy for a few months and y...
by Amanda Juarez



How to Survive the Phases of a Broken Heart

Lost love, hurt feelings, and loneliness aren’t much fun, but you can spin your broken heart into something positive. It is important not to become bitter after a breakup. We need to take responsibility for our fates, by heal...
by Christina Scribner



Flirting 101: Tips to Get You Started

So you’re out with your friends and a guy or girl across the room catches your eye. What do you do? Do you just sit there and hope they initiate something or do you put together some of your favorite flirting techniques to ge...
by Elisa Freese


Why You Don’t Get Called After a Great Date

Ever go out with someone and all of a sudden never hear from them again? You were probably thinking things were going well, but in the end this person just left you high and dry. Sucks doesn’t it? It’s happened to the best ...
by Elisa Freese