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The Cowboy

This unique creature is not common on all college campuses but tends to appear in areas with lots of nature and open spaces. He is extremely desirable to females who also take pleasure in the outdoors. Study his distinct behavi...
by Stephanie Diehl


Second Date

So you’ve gotten past the dreaded first date and—surprise! It was incredible. He was Cary Grant reincarnated, you were as charming as Katharine Hepburn, and before the night ended you’d already made plans to see each othe...
by Sushi Krishnan



Question & Answer: Is Playing Hard to Get Worth It?

It seems like a good tactic to gauge interest level, but playing hard to get can be tricky. Look at the semantics: it is a game that you play, and most guys are not interested in playing games. Why You Think It Works There is n...
by Most Brave Girl


couple on date

Balancing Your Career and Your Love Life

It’s a common misconception that focusing on your career means saying goodbye to the other aspects of your life. Yes, a successful career does require a lot of time and energy, but you don’t have to say goodbye to your ...
by Elizabeth Monsoor


Fashion Tips: So You’re Going on a Date…

  First dates are always the moment your closet turns on you.  There’s too many options and too little time.   It’s that pre-date drama, where everything you own looks the same.  So, here’s a little outfit-guide ...
by Hannah Warner