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Summer Dates

There are few times in a year that the weather is conducive enough to not wearing any clothes, ever.  It’s a time I like to call “summer”, and it is almost here.  Next Monday will be memorial day, the pools will open, t...
by Hannah Warner

Portrait of a man hiding his face behind a question mark

The Dating Game

How to Learn About That New Guy – Fast! Sometimes it feels like the dating game can have even higher stakes than the Hunger Games. You’re looking to find love, but you’re also busy with work, friends, and life in gene...
by Ashley Clarke



Bros Before Hoes

Who Your Man Hangs Out With Can Say A Lot About Him You’ve just started dating a guy who you deem as “Mister Perfect.” Everything seems to be moving along as it should in your relationship, and then comes the ...
by Tracey Fuller



The Athlete

The star of many college campuses around the country is the athlete. Whether he plays football, basketball or some other sport, this species is the glory of the school. Study the peculiar behavior of the athlete and you may jus...
by Stephanie Diehl


5 Reasons Why Being Independent is Key to a Healthy Relationship

Being in a relationship is great. You always have a partner in crime around for good times and bad. No matter how much you love your boyfriend and girlfriend, though, doing your own thing every once and a while will lead to a h...
by Elisa Freese