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getting-an-international lady-part-two

Getting an International Lady (Part 2)

Continued from Monday, October 28… After you’ve had a few conversations via Skype, Messenger, etc., impressed her somewhat by speaking to her a bit in her own language, and did not ask her for any revealing pics…you are o...
by Chris Brown


5 Signs You’re Falling in Love

So you met a great guy or girl and have been dating for a while. You care a lot about this person and now a 4 letter word currently looms above your head: L-O-V-E. Is it love? Have your feelings since that first meeting finally...
by Elisa Freese



Better Online Dating Tips for Men

So it’s late at night, you’re too tired to sleep, none of your roommates or friends are awake to talk to, so what else to do except browse profiles on a dating site to potentially find “the One?”  What guy hasn’t...
by Chris Brown


Romantic couple outdoors

10 Qualities of the Perfect Girlfriend

My previous article discussed the 10 qualities women look for in men, but what about what the guys want? Just like women, men have certain personality traits they look for (or should look for) in their mates. Some women might t...
by Elisa Freese

couple moving

Dating Before Moving Away: When You Should and Why

Is it worth your time to date before you move? Moving is already stressful enough, aside from the packing and planning you also have to think about whether your current relationship is going to last or whether you should pursue...
by Marissa Barten