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how to keep girlfriend

How to Get a Girlfriend

There are women everywhere, but meeting one you’d like to go out with isn’t nearly as simple as it sounds. Women can be hard to approach, hard to impress, and hard to figure out and no wonder. These tips and advice will...
by Anna Karimo


What Women Want

What is it about women that makes them so hard to figure out? Some men think that women are only attracted to jerks. Some men are convinced that women want money and security. Others are sure that women only want men just like ...
by Anna Karimo



Body Language

Women present a message with their body People show their emotions, how they feel and what they are thinking through body language constantly, especially women. Let’s say the date is going pretty well, she shared her childho...
by Paige Mitchell



How To Sext

Sexting is a great way to explore sexual boundaries and turn on your girl in new and possibly unexpected ways, but before you get started you have to know where other men have gone wrong. I have to warn you, many men before yo...
by Naomi Rouff

couple driving a bumper car

Where To Go For A Date

Whether you’re going out with someone new or going out for your weekly date night, choose something that amplifies your personality and lets you connect with them through your interests. Animal Lover If you are obsessed with ...
by Samantha Daniel