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Signs of Sex Addiction

5 Signs of Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is considered a legitimate addiction by some medical groups while unlabeled by others. While the idea of being addicted to sex may be comical, it is anything but funny.  Many victims suffer in silence either from...
by Amanda Juarez


After the Date

When it comes to the first date there seems to be a lot of rules. Where you should take her, what you should wear, who should pay, the list goes on and on. But once you make it through the amazing and sometimes dreaded first da...
by Naomi Rouff



What to Buy Her

This holiday season it’s time to step it up. No more cheesy necklaces and lack-luster cards. It’s time to start giving the gifts she’ll really want, ones that require actual thought and knowledge of her interests. Follow ...
by Naomi Rouff



Want a Girlfriend?

So, you want a girlfriend? The first step to getting a great girlfriend is deciding exactly what kind of woman would be right for you. You don’t want to settle for a woman who isn’t someone you like being around for mor...
by Anna Karimo


Should I Date a Friend of My Ex?

Dear Most Brave Girl, Lately I’ve been talking a lot with a girl who happens to be a friend of my ex. They’re still pretty close so I feel awkward asking her out. What’s the proper etiquette? Sincerely, Bro Love Tail Dear...
by Most Brave Girl