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Big Anniversary Coming Up? 4 Tips For Guys

Guest Post by Tricia Borren The big day is near. No, not her birthday or a holiday, but something else just as significant: Your anniversary. You can’t forget this one! No matter what’s going on during the week, there are a...
by Nouveau Dating Reporters


Ways to Maintain a Healthy, Independent Relationship

My previous article discussed the reasons why you should maintain some independence in your relationship. This article delves into the topic a bit deeper and provides some more specific ways you can be an independent person, w...
by Elisa Freese



Love Notes

Remember in middle school when you would pass notes with friends or if you were lucky, maybe a boy? It helped the day go by faster, eagerly waiting for some juicy middle school gossip or ogling over some celebrity love interest...
by Kelsey Gibbons



The Myth of the Nice Guy

Are you always pining for girls from the sidelines? Always on the bench? Never the bride? Another cliché of your choosing? But how could that be? You’re such a nice guy. There’s a batch of chronically-single guys who are c...
by Most Brave Girl


How to Write a Love Letter That Will Make Her Melt

Guest Post by Daniel Brown One of the best ways to impress a woman is to go back to tradition. In the past, men wooed a woman with plenty of romance before they got together. These days many men see the art of wooing as a quick...
by Nouveau Dating Reporters