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Ways to Maintain a Healthy, Independent Relationship

My previous article discussed the reasons why you should maintain some independence in your relationship. This article delves into the topic a bit deeper and provides some more specific ways you can be an independent person, w...
by Elisa Freese

Couple on a date.

5 Rules Every Man Needs to Beat the First Date Jitters

Guest Post by Dixie Somers First dates are exhilarating experiences, but nervousness can interfere with big plans. You definitely want to avoid making a negative initial impression because that can be really hard to bounce back...
by Nouveau Dating Reporters



Expiration Dating: Should You Have a Fling?

Hey Most Brave Girl, I just had a spark with someone who is moving away in two weeks. Dare I start something with her, even if it’s destined to end before it really takes off? Anxiously, Worried About Nomad, Gauging Unrea...
by Most Brave Girl



How to Build Confidence

Self-esteem is at the root of successful seduction. I never encourage people to fake orgasms, but when it comes to sex appeal, whether you believe you exude it or not, fake it. The benefits of faking sexiness are twofold; first...
by Tiffany Jones


The Breakup

We’ve all been there, but some breakups are far worse than others. Here are five simple tips for men to help you get through the dreaded breakup and grow from these unfortunate experiences. 1. Stay Calm If you ever want ...
by Ian Campbell