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Dating A Flirt

Dating a flirty girl can be awesome, especially when she flirts with you. You think to yourself, she’s so expressive and coy. I love the way her eyes sparkle. But when you’re out and about and your love starts to flirt with...
by Kelsey Gibbons


Is Your Job Preventing You From Finding Love?

Everyone has that friend that you call every once in a while just to make sure they are still alive. They live alone and have no boyfriend, but every time you call to make a lunch date they are working or end up canceling becau...
by Amanda Juarez



Making the Most of Makeup Sex

Did you just get into a blowout fight with your partner? Once everyone has cooled off, you know where it’s headed. The Bedroom and… you’re probably about to have make up sex, which will be some of the best sex of ...
by Chase Greene


How to date a Whovian Girl

How to Date a Whovian Girl

So you are dating a new girl and she just made a reference to The Doctor. You then spent the next ten minutes trying to figure out which doctor and what a Tardis is. By that point she noticed the frown on your face and after so...
by Amanda Juarez


First Date: One To Remember

So you’ve got a date…the hardest part is over. You successfully made a good first impression and you want to keep those good vibes rolling. Skip the restaurant, forget the movies, and try these alternatives to mak...
by Chase Greene