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chinese zodiac


Below is a chart of animals and their characteristics as lovers within Chinese astrology. There are six pairs of animals, with one member of each pair being a counterpart to the other, giving the pair a yin and yang aspect. Yin...
by Samantha Daniel

how to dress right

How to Dress Right

How to dress right for a date says a lot about what you think about yourself and about your guy. It’s not that you have to be phony or dress differently, but you do have to dress appropriately for the plans he’s made for t...
by Anna Karimo



How to Find Him

I have an amazing friend who throughout her 20’s, dated a lot.  She enjoyed getting to know a variety of men; professionals, blue collars, type As and the ultra laid back. She, however, had never come close to finding him. ...
by Beth Brandstatter



What Women Want

What is it about women that makes them so hard to figure out? Some men think that women are only attracted to jerks. Some men are convinced that women want money and security. Others are sure that women only want men just like ...
by Anna Karimo


Get a Guy After Break Up

According to John Gray, Ph.D. and author of 12 bestsellers including Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, “Good endings make for good beginnings.”  At first, that can seem a little confusing.  How can one have a good ...
by Kate Kishel