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I Should Have Known: Relationship Red Flags

You know what it’s like to counsel your friends post-breakup, holding your tongue, while they lament how blindsided they were when their significant other did something that caused the demise of the relationship. You’re sym...
by Most Brave Girl

dating with kids

Dating With Kids

Dating when you have children can strike up some questions for both your partner and your children. Are your kids having a hard time warming up to your dating partner? They may even be bluntly telling you that they dislike the ...
by Anna Karimo



How to Find a Date

We live in an information age. We are always logged on, texting, calling, emailing and Facebooking. We Skype, we blog, we chat and we search. We turn to the internet to find love and to find jobs, to reconnect with old friends ...
by Tiffany Jones



Foot Fetish

You’ve heard of many different kinds of fetishes. They are as diverse as they are unending. But none of them are as popular as The Feet! Some guys are obsessed with feet – either massaging them or admiring them. But most gu...
by Samantha Daniel


How to Find Him

I have an amazing friend who throughout her 20’s, dated a lot.  She enjoyed getting to know a variety of men; professionals, blue collars, type As and the ultra laid back. She, however, had never come close to finding him. ...
by Beth Brandstatter