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Avoid First Date Disaster: Part 1

While I was trying to relax on a coffee shop patio last weekend, two men, obviously on a first date, sat down at a nearby table. One of them was either so nervous that he couldn’t control the words that were coming out of his...
by Most Brave Girl

Depressed young woman

What to Do When You Get Put in the Friendzone

Everyone gets sent right into the Friendzone at one point or another. It’s natural to develop feelings for people we enjoy being around and have already established a trusting relationship with, so when those feelings are not...
by Shana Diaz



How to Find Him

I have an amazing friend who throughout her 20’s, dated a lot.  She enjoyed getting to know a variety of men; professionals, blue collars, type As and the ultra laid back. She, however, had never come close to finding him. ...
by Beth Brandstatter


where to meet women

Where to Meet Women

Where you meet a woman has the power to define the rest of your relationship. This is true because of three things: First, because where a woman spends most of her time says a lot about the kind of person she is. You can recogn...
by Anna Karimo


The 3 Types of Guys To Date Before You Find the One

Dating is a funny thing. A lot of the times it’s hit or miss, but down the line odds are you’re going to find “the one.” But before the love of your life comes around, you’ll experience a ton of gu...
by Elisa Freese