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Why Having A Guy Friend Is Difficult

While the idea of having a guy friend, one who you can completely be yourself around is great, it is often difficult to find this kind of friendship. While I believe that having guy friends is important, even necessary, it is a...
by Elizabeth Monsoor


Back To School Series: New Year, New Opportunities

With school fast approaching, making decisions about our summer flings is a thing of the past. However, past relationship drama, no matter how old, might follow you to school. Your ex may even be at school with you. With the dr...
by Elizabeth Monsoor


improve dating success with sense of humor

Sense of Humor in Dating

A sense of humor enables people to relax and feel comfortable in any situation including dating . Making fun of oneself is also a way to make someone feel at ease (if this isn’t done in a self-deprecating manner as a ha...
by Anna Karimo


what to do on a date

What to do on a First Date?

You may ask yourself, what to do on a date? The golden rule of dating is to always be yourself on a date. Tell the other person the truth when they ask you questions. If something is too personal, be honest and say so. That’...
by Anna Karimo


How Do I Stop Flirting?

Dear Most Brave Girl, There’s a girl at work who I’ve been flirting with a lot. I thought I might want to pursue a relationship with her but as I get to know her better, I’m just not feeling it. She’s used to our playfu...
by Most Brave Girl