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Forbidden Love

With most professional settings in society, romantic encounters of any kind are prohibited. This is especially true for student-teacher relationships. All though there are strict guidelines concerning this issue in colleges acr...
by Samantha Daniel


Long Distance Relationship

Involuntary separation from your significant other can be tough. Even for as little as 3 month stretches at a time, the human nature is weak with deprivation of love from their long time mate.  This is why long distance relati...
by Samantha Daniel


Why Fluffy doesn't like your new love.

Why Fluffy Hates Your New Love

Maybe you have a pet that you care about more than most people. Like a cat or dog that sleeps in the bed with you, a bird that flies free range in the house, or even a horse that you ride every day. Regardless of species, he’...
by Amanda Juarez



The Fun In Flirting

Let’s be honest, we have all at some point in our lives taken part in a little casual flirting. While the usual reason given for flirting is to try to get a little closer to someone or attract them on some deeper level, it is...
by Elizabeth Monsoor


Body Language

Women present a message with their body People show their emotions, how they feel and what they are thinking through body language constantly, especially women. Let’s say the date is going pretty well, she shared her childho...
by Paige Mitchell