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how to keep girlfriend

How to Get a Girlfriend

There are women everywhere, but meeting one you’d like to go out with isn’t nearly as simple as it sounds. Women can be hard to approach, hard to impress, and hard to figure out and no wonder. These tips and advice will...
by Anna Karimo

he's not into you

5 Signs He’s Not Into You

How do you know he’s not into you? We’ve all been there.  You give a guy your number.  He’s cute, funny, and he calls you back!  You go on a few dates and start buying bridal magazines.  You’re supe...
by Kate Kishel


improve dating success with sense of humor

Sense of Humor in Dating

A sense of humor enables people to relax and feel comfortable in any situation including dating . Making fun of oneself is also a way to make someone feel at ease (if this isn’t done in a self-deprecating manner as a ha...
by Anna Karimo


Why Fluffy doesn't like your new love.

Why Fluffy Hates Your New Love

Maybe you have a pet that you care about more than most people. Like a cat or dog that sleeps in the bed with you, a bird that flies free range in the house, or even a horse that you ride every day. Regardless of species, he’...
by Amanda Juarez

Portrait of a man hiding his face behind a question mark

The Dating Game

How to Learn About That New Guy – Fast! Sometimes it feels like the dating game can have even higher stakes than the Hunger Games. You’re looking to find love, but you’re also busy with work, friends, and life in gene...
by Ashley Clarke