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Body Language

Women present a message with their body People show their emotions, how they feel and what they are thinking through body language constantly, especially women. Let’s say the date is going pretty well, she shared her childho...
by Paige Mitchell

Make that Break Up Happen

How to Make That Break Up Happen

Everyone has been in a relationship that they know the have to end. And everyone has stalled a for a little longer than they should have ending it. But putting off the break up just makes things weird and people get hurt, so st...
by Amanda Juarez


reconciliation attempt

New Year’s Resolution

You’ve heard it before – communication is imperative to relationships. Quality pairings are dependent upon the positive ways the two make each other feel. So we can all agree that a relationship functions better with solid ...
by Samantha Daniel



Dating a Coworker: Do or Don’t?

Some people say you should never date a coworker. Others say it’s good to date someone who works in your field because it means you share something in common. Personally, I think each case is different depending on the ci...
by Claudia Alpert


Friends With Benefits – Can They Really Benefit You?

Times are crazy, these days, and most people seem to be afraid of commitment. So the question, “Should I have casual sex with this person?” is coming up frequently for everyone, it seems. Unfortunately, though, ther...
by Hannah Goodman