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First Kiss: Signs & Signals

I know you’ve been there, lingering by her door while she slowly pulls her keys out of her purse… and still not been sure if you should go for the first kiss. You hesitated a second too long, then you hear her keys ...
by Nouveau Dating Reporters


How Many Dates Before the First Kiss?

Nouveau Dating Reporters went out to the streets and asked people like you, how many dates should you go on before the first kiss? You know those butterflies in your stomach and the wondering when is the right time? Watch this ...
by Nouveau Dating Reporters



Kiss and Tell

To kiss… absolutely. To tell… maybe not. In today’s world, information travels at the speed of light. Someone tells someone else that your new crush took you home the other night and before you know it your friend who is ...
by Naomi Rouff



The First Kiss: Tips for Guys

The expectations riding on a first kiss can be nerve-wracking. Keep these tips in mind to create a personal, perfect first kiss. Read Your Date Everything hinges on one preconception: that you are accurately reading some Yes-pl...
by Most Brave Girl


The First Kiss: Tips for Girls

If you’re anxiously awaiting the first kiss from your Romeo, make sure you present yourself as his Juliet. Use these tips to ease your way into the best first kiss. Let It Be Known Simple rule: If you want him to kiss you, le...
by Most Brave Girl