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Keep Your Relationship Private

When in a relationship, there may be many moments that you want to share with your friends or on Instagram, and many are acceptable to share. However, for the most part, you should want to keep most of the intimate details and ...
by Elizabeth Monsoor

How to date a Whovian Girl

How to Date a Whovian Girl

So you are dating a new girl and she just made a reference to The Doctor. You then spent the next ten minutes trying to figure out which doctor and what a Tardis is. By that point she noticed the frown on your face and after so...
by Amanda Juarez


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Commit Without Losing Yourself

Sometimes, in an attempt to please our partners, we can lose who we are. We may not be happy with this change in ourselves, but may feel that there is nothing that we can do to change it. We think that we cannot have it both wa...
by Elizabeth Monsoor



5 Signs You’re Dating a Keeper

Let’s say you’ve just started a new relationship and everything is going great. After a few days, weeks or even months you start wondering if this guy or girl is “the one.” Some people experience this feeling ri...
by Elisa Freese

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3 Dating Promises You Have to Make to Yourself

With the new year comes new resolutions, or, if you don’t make resolutions, simply the re-evaluation of the various aspects of your life. Maybe you’ll choose to look at your love life specifically. You may find yourself...
by Elizabeth Monsoor