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Girl give a gift to her boyfriend.

Simple Ways to Surprise Your Significant Other

We all appreciate small acts from the person we love that simply let us know that they are thinking of us. While we don’t always need huge, extravagant gifts, we all like to feel that we are loved and cared about. Just as we ...
by Elizabeth Monsoor


5 Signs You’re Dating a Stage 5 Clinger

One of the best things about dating is the exposure to different types of people. You get to meet some great people, as well as some not-so-great people. One of the types of people you’ll probably have an incident with at...
by Elisa Freese


sad woman looks at her cell phone while her friend comforts her

When He Says He’ll Call But Then He Doesn’t

We’ve all experienced the joy and excitement that comes with meeting a new guy that you totally hit it off with. The moment where you’re both into each other is exhilarating. So when he tells you he’ll call, of course...
by Elizabeth Monsoor


Why Fluffy doesn't like your new love.

Why Fluffy Hates Your New Love

Maybe you have a pet that you care about more than most people. Like a cat or dog that sleeps in the bed with you, a bird that flies free range in the house, or even a horse that you ride every day. Regardless of species, he’...
by Amanda Juarez


5 Tips for Picking a Wedding Date

My last article discussed some things to consider as soon as you get engaged. One of the biggest tips there was to start putting some thought into wedding dates early on in the engagement process. Like I said, dates and venues ...
by Elisa Freese