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How to Fight Fair

Fights are an inevitable part of any relationship. In fact, the occasional fight can be healthy for a relationship. It can enable you to express emotions and needs that otherwise wouldn’t be addressed. But there’s a...
by Lauren Volpe


Are You in a Controlling Relationship?

Every relationship has its share of emotional turmoil, but have you been getting the feeling that there’s something more sinister going on in yours? Are you feeling powerless or out of control? Do you feel like your entire li...
by Lauren Volpe


frighten couple bound with ropes


No it’s not a title for a new horror movie, even though a lot of people fear this word. You might’ve met the right person and they want something concrete, but you’ve got this thing about committing, and they’ve given y...
by Samantha Daniel



What to Buy Her

This holiday season it’s time to step it up. No more cheesy necklaces and lack-luster cards. It’s time to start giving the gifts she’ll really want, ones that require actual thought and knowledge of her interests. Follow ...
by Naomi Rouff

Lover showing affection for lady

Keep Your Relationship Private

When in a relationship, there may be many moments that you want to share with your friends or on Instagram, and many are acceptable to share. However, for the most part, you should want to keep most of the intimate details and ...
by Elizabeth Monsoor