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Why is He Pushing You Away?

Lately, you have been noticing a change in your man. He isn’t picking up the phone every time you call, not texting you as much as you’re used to, and isn’t making any date night plans. You might think the relationship ha...
by Tracey Fuller


Guy Friends

The Benefits of Friends Without Benefits So you met the perfect guy – he’s funny, kind, and you can talk to him for hours. There’s only one problem: you’re just not into him that way. Your first instinct may be to move ...
by Ashley Clarke


couple running on the beach

Simple Pleasures: 5 Reasons Why We Love Being In a Relationship

There are so many reasons we enjoy being in a relationship. Some are just human nature: We all want to make strong connections with other people and we want to feel the excitement of interacting with someone personality meshes ...
by Elizabeth Monsoor



A Valentine’s Day to Remember

A Chance to Celebrate Call it commercialism, marketing, corporate takeover of a national holiday, or whatever you want to. That doesn’t change the fact that Valentine’s Day is practically tomorrow and your lover is ...
by JP Miller

getting-an-international lady-part-two

Getting an International Lady (Part 2)

Continued from Monday, October 28… After you’ve had a few conversations via Skype, Messenger, etc., impressed her somewhat by speaking to her a bit in her own language, and did not ask her for any revealing pics…you are o...
by Chris Brown