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Marriage Advice: A Fresh Take on Real Housewife of NJ Melissa Gorga’s New Book

If you haven’t heard about it, Melissa Gorga of Real Housewives of New Jersey recently released a book of marriage advice called Love Italian Style and it has a lot of people talking. Internet outlet Jezebel published a ...
by Elisa Freese


New Relationship: Hitting A Love Rut

You’re finally in an exclusive relationship with someone. It’s been about two or three months of having the title together – you’re happy, he’s happy, everything seems good so far. So why is your mind swirling wit...
by Hannah Fredenberg



What If My Friends Don’t Like My Boyfriend?

Sometimes your friends know you so well that they see what’s good for you before you see it yourself. Whether you need their opinions on what pair of jeans to buy or their thoughts on your new love interest, you can alway...
by Elizabeth Monsoor



Long Distance: Making It Work

He tells you he got a job offer across the country. Then he says, “…and he’s probably going to take it.” Your excitement disappears and brings on the tears, what does that mean for your relationship? Is he breaking up w...
by Kelsey Gibbons

sexy dude

Best Gift For A Man

Let me guess- with the holidays here, you’re stressing about what to get your man? Don’t fret! The best gift for him is not purchased in any store. Here’s how to make his holiday extra special: Praise Him If you’re usua...
by Samantha Daniel