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couple running on the beach

Simple Pleasures: 5 Reasons Why We Love Being In a Relationship

There are so many reasons we enjoy being in a relationship. Some are just human nature: We all want to make strong connections with other people and we want to feel the excitement of interacting with someone personality meshes ...
by Elizabeth Monsoor


Day Dates

I know what you’re all thinking, can the day really be romantic enough for a date… The answer is absolutely yes. When it comes to dating, there are tons of places to go and things to do, but they so often revolve around the...
by Naomi Rouff



Nursing a Broken Heart

You took a chance, dared to love, and your efforts backfired. Now your heart is in a tourniquet and you’re feeling sorry for yourself. Hold your head up. You survived bumps and bruises as a toddler, you’ll survive h...
by JP Miller



Eliminating Relationship Fears by Loving in the Moment

Why is it that after spending our entire lives fantasizing about how great it would be to find love, we push love away as soon as it works itself into our existence? Falling in love is an overwhelming, scary, emotional rollerco...
by Christina Scribner

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Where To Go For A Date

Whether you’re going out with someone new or going out for your weekly date night, choose something that amplifies your personality and lets you connect with them through your interests. Animal Lover If you are obsessed with ...
by Samantha Daniel