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Jealousy: How Far Will You Cross The Line?

When you’re in a relationship with a jealous person, there’s always a conflict about what’s okay and what’s not. Some people think it’s perfectly fine to check their partner’s Facebook and em...
by Christy Goldstein

Couple fighting

Why You’re Headed For A Break Up (And What To Do About It)

Do you ever feel like Tom from the movie, 500 Days of Summer – traveling through the crazy ups and downs of love, feeling on top of the world one moment and wanting to curl up in a corner the next? You may be asking your...
by Laura Baines



How to be Supportive

Even When you Don’t Know How At some point in the relationship, there may come a time when your partner really needs your support. Whether it’s a personal tragedy, a time of emotional need, or a major lifestyle change, the ...
by Lauren Volpe



The Dangers of Dating a Bromance Boy

Of all the men you’d expect to be dangerous, this one has the best cover-up. He seems innocent, someone you could bring home to mom and dad who certainly isn’t a bad boy. So what could go wrong? Enter: his best friend. This...
by Laura Baines

Happy Couple Having Chat

Signs Your New Guy is Really Into You

Ever meet a guy and and wonder if he’s really into you or not? Have no fear. It’s happened to everyone. One of the most difficult parts of dating someone new is figuring out if your guy genuinely likes you and wants...
by Elisa Freese