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Simple Pleasures: 5 Reasons Why We Love Being In a Relationship

There are so many reasons we enjoy being in a relationship. Some are just human nature: We all want to make strong connections with other people and we want to feel the excitement of interacting with someone personality meshes ...
by Elizabeth Monsoor

Portrait Of Senior Couple In Park

Successful Relationships: What Makes Them Last Part 2

If we ever need help with our relationship, there are always places we can look for inspiration. Some of these places are the successful, long-lasting relationships around us. By simply observing these couples, we can learn a l...
by Elizabeth Monsoor


Elderly couple cooking food together

Successful Relationships: What Makes Them Last Part 1

What makes a successful relationship? Most of us have probably asked ourselves this question as we have tried to figure out how to date successfully and then move on to consider a longer commitment. While movies tend to give u...
by Elizabeth Monsoor



Surprise Your Sweetheart with a Romantic Love Poem

Guest Post by Ukraine Lover Do you remember when you were young and first fell in love with that special someone? Remember the subtle poems about red roses and blue violets that set your heart pumping? While these romantic gest...
by Nouveau Dating Reporters


4 Tips to Make Your Long-Term Relationship Last

Let’s say you’ve found the person that you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with. You know there will be ups and downs and you know that through thick and thin this is the one person you want in your...
by Elisa Freese