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Are You Ready to Date Again?

Everyone will try to tell you their scientific formula for how long you have to wait to be ready to date again after a break up. Normally it has to do with how long you were together and who dumped who. Since when did matters o...
by Amanda Juarez


Learn a Thing or Two from Your Favorite Celebrity Power Couples

While many celebrity power couples spend most of their time in the spotlight, it’s not very common for regular people to look at them as models for a relationship, most likely because we simply can’t relate or even ...
by Elizabeth Monsoor


couple with cellphone

Control Your Jealousy

Everyone has their own little insecurities. Usually, you can keep them pretty much under control so that they don’t affect your life too much, but sometimes they can really mess with your head. When your insecurities are gett...
by Elizabeth Monsoor



How to Create the Perfect Romantic Dinner Date

Guest Post by SovietLover You might have heard that when it comes to spending time with the one that you love, the best way to somebody’s heart is through their stomach. Romantic dinners are a great way to get to know som...
by Nouveau Dating Reporters


10 Holiday Gift Ideas the Man in Your Life is Sure to Love

Guest Post by Anita Ginsburg Most men are difficult to shop for, which makes a woman’s job during the holiday season all the more stressful. If your significant other is among the few who tell you directly what he wants y...
by Nouveau Dating Reporters