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How Not to Kiss

Kissing is my favorite sport, because it’s free and fun. That being said, I’ve had some intensely bad kisses. There are a few ways that a kiss can go very wrong. Here are a few examples of a bad kisser. The Bird Peck: Y...
by Lauren Volpe

Anxious woman sat on her bed in the bedroom

Still Haven’t Lost Your Virginity?

If you’re a virgin older than 19 or 20, you might feel a little awkward. Most of your friends probably lost their v-card in high school, leaving you sitting there feeling like the lone prude weirdo of the world. You probably ...
by Laura Baines


couple in love

Spice up Your Love Life with a Sexy Scavenger Hunt

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about the different ways you can show your love to your partner. One of the ideas was a simple romantic scavenger hunt, but this week I’ll show you how this fun little game can be spiced up ...
by Shana Diaz



3 Non-Problems About Sex

So we’ve all been told that there are problems about sex that, if they come up, are going to be a problem. Sexually, this can be very damaging to our egos and expectations. And it’s a shame, because these aren’t really pr...
by Lauren Volpe


Sexy Tips to Drive Him Wild In Bed

Last week I wrote an article about female erogenous zones and what to do with them when you’re getting intimate with your lady. This time, I’m going to be focusing on the male erogenous zones, for all of the women who want ...
by Lauren Volpe